Every life has purpose and everyone has the opportunity to do a greater good in the lives of others. It was from this belief that a desire was born in Tyrone Smith to make a difference in the lives of today's youth. Following his retirement from a four year career of playing professional football in June of 2000, Tyrone made a choice to travel a road less taken, and pursue another life long ambition. Tyrone knew that he was called to make a difference on the field, but off the field as well. Tyrone became President and co-founder of First and Goal Incorporated, a non-profit organization focused on equipping, enriching, and empowering today's youth with the essential life skills and support to follow their dreams. The true strength of an innovative mind is the ability to see what needs to change. Tyrone Smith is dedicated to developing ways to change the problems at the heart of our communities. It begins by building each individual to see the greatness inside of his or herself. By helping others to unlock their own possibilities, it creates better capabilities for our world as a whole. Tyrone's passion continues to be helping youth establish and grow in their lives.

Tyrone has had the privilege of encouraging over 100,000 of today's youth through speaking at community centers, school assemblies, churches, sports banquets, sports camps/clinics, after school programs, youth leadership conferences, and other youth events. Tyrone Smith has taken the outstanding leadership skills that he possesses, and developed programs to help others learn the secrets to successful leadership. Tyrone has had the opportunity to teach thousands the values of leadership, and how to become leaders in their personal and professional lives. His work with various groups has helped others not only gain the skills, but the confidence and character to become effective leaders. 

First and Goal Inc., has established several mentoring and youth development programs to help at risk youth expand beyond their situations and environments. Through First and Goal Inc., Tyrone has initiated programs with over 50 different schools in the Houston area and California. The success of conferences such as Journey Beyond Dreams hosted at Baylor University, Louisiana State University, Texas State University and the University of Texas has enabled Tyrone to emphasis leadership, preparation for the college experience, and the importance of higher education. Tyrone uses his unbelievable enthusiasm, wit, and zeal to touch lives and captivate audiences of all ages.

Until the age of nine, Tyrone lived in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas. Third Ward has always carried a reputation for being a rough neighborhood, where the negative influences of drugs and street violence are always prevalent. Tyrone avoided the traps and pitfalls of such an environment by using sports as an outlet. His family later moved to Missouri City, Texas where he attended Willowridge High School. 

Knowing that he needed to utilize every positive resource in his life in order to succeed, Tyrone's primary focus became his education and football. His hard work, perseverance, and determination landed him a starting position on the varsity football team his senior year. After playing only one year of varsity football, Tyrone was one of the most highly recruited athletes of his class. Tyrone continued his education at Baylor University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in social work. He started three out of his four years and was team captain for the Baylor Bears football team. During his junior year at Baylor he was honored by being selected for the "Exxon Supreme Team". When Tyrone graduated from Baylor University, he went on to become a free agent for the National Football League (N.F.L.). During a workout with the San Francisco 49ers, he impressed the organization with his positive attitude, work ethic, tenacity, and his "Always Work Hard" mentality. He signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 1996, and played with the San Francisco 49ers organization for three seasons.

Tyrone will become a published author later this year releasing his book titled Beyond the Game – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life

Tyrone now resides in Houston, Texas with his wife of fifth teen years, DeMonica Smith and children Whitney, Amanda, Tyrone II and Tyler Smith.