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Every scar tells a story. The tearing of the flesh may heal, but the scars are always there. But what happens when the scars are not seen but felt?

For 28 years Lisa had a secret deep within her soul. Emotional scars from complex sexual trauma and domestic violence that paralyzed her with fear for most of her life. She was diagnosed Bipolar, put on meds and spent more than a decade fighting for the little girl lost deep within her.

But God.. through the leading of our powerfully healing God, she has overcome and has found beauty in her scars and longs to see others find beauty in theirs too. 

Lisa Michelle is now the social entrepreneur behind the beauty brand Lily & Co., an abolitionist, and the founder of No Strings Attached Ministries. Her beauty products provide funding to safe homes globally and NSA Ministries reaches out to women who currently work in the sex industry. They bring handmade gifts and tangible love & hope to local brothels and strip clubs in San Antonio, Texas. They provide a safe place for women to heal from the aftermath of sexual exploitation with aftercare, equine therapy and other healing modalities. She also has the incredible honor of mentoring minors that have been sex trafficked domestically through her work in juvenile detention with The Refuge DMST, and has dedicated her life to this cause. She is a survivor of sexual exploitation herself and tells her story across the country to help women experience emotional healing.

Lisa is an engaging, authentic, thought provoking speaker. Her story is one of hope and inspiration to any woman who struggles from sexual trauma, domestic violence and living a life in fear. She now knows there is a less complex approach to trauma and wants women to utilize those modalities to find freedom in a shorter time frame than she experienced. She will engage your audience to start a conversation about the challenges posed by our culture today, including how pornography fuels sex trafficking, and how exploitation of our children in our schools is a risk that every parent faces. 

She will inspire others to expose secrets living in their souls that have yet to be shared. She will help equip the church to create a safe place for women and men struggling from sexual exploitation and addiction. 

She shares her story at Women’s Conferences, Junior High & High School Assemblies, Camp retreats, College Campuses, Safe Homes, Juvenile Facilities, Youth Events, Non Profits and Churches, and has had the honor of being the Keynote speaker at fundraising Galas. 

Lisa has been married for 21 years and has two beautiful children and three fur babies and resides in the Hill Country just outside San Antonio,Texas. She is currently working on writing her first book, telling her life story and how God wants us all to "Find beauty in our scars." She will challenge the inner warrior within you to rise up and fight for the life you were always meant to live. Emotional freedom is one the keys that she loves to deliver through her harrowing story of being sexually exploited for over 10 years by 3 separate men. And knowing she is not what happened to her but who she chooses to become through Christ.