Kirby Minnick is a 20 year old social media influencer on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter who is passionate about empowering the younger generation through the Truth of God’s Word by utilizing her gifts of speaking both in front of the camera audience and live audience. Currently living in Dallas, Texas and majoring in communications at Dallas Baptist University, Kirby is passionate about preaching and leading different groups, primarily young women, to discovering the truth of their identity as children of God and the life that believers have been called to live. With a powerful testimony including the death of a parent, the combat of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, fighting the lies of bullies, and experiencing overall freedom from living for other people’s approval, Kirby has been able to impact the lives of many through her diverse personal story of how God intervened and has always been a present and loving Father, even when she did not recognize it.