Hannah Elaine is a child of the Most High that is passionate about speaking words of truth + grace to all. At a young age of five, she would often gather every family member to the living room to speak the gospel to her family with a burning passion that always followed. Now at age 20, she uses her social media platforms to reach out to young women to proclaim truths that they are highly favored, deeply loved, and passionately pursued. She is currently living in the Central Valley of California, getting married to her high school sweetheart, and finishing up her degree in Graphic Design + Advertising.

Using the desire to write words without fear, she began writing for other blogs and online magazines to write convicting words. In the past two years, she quickly became a social media influencer, and has been able to interact with thousands of girls from all over the world, offering them words of encouragement and life. She hopes to echo her Father’s words about topics such as identity, fear and loneliness, relationships, and a life dedicated to Christ.