Dylan Manley has been speaking to students and in student ministry for over 16 years.  He has an unwavering passion to speak the Gospel and life into the lives of youth.  He clearly communicates using humor and a gifted teaching style.  Dylan's mission is to create disciples who create disciples, and to create a passion and zeal for Jesus in the lives of teenagers.  Dylan is also an apologist with a mission to help students and adults have a better understanding of what they believe about their faith and the Bible as well as why they believe those things.

Dylan is the student pastor at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church in Waco, TX, and he is also a candidate for his Ph.D in Apologetics and Theology at Trinity Theological Seminary in Evansville, IN.  When Dylan is not traveling to speak or working in Waco he loves spending time with his wife Claire, and his two children, Josiah and Corinne.  Dylan is also part of a comedy duo called Hurt & Manley who uses sketch comedy and humor to communicate the Gospel to others.  He also has published curriculum for Download Youth Ministry.