If you ever thought you knew the Scriptures, you may want to reconsider after hearing Dr. Rudy Gonzalez. Born in Chicago and raised in Mexico and Texas, Dr. Gonzalez is an effective speaker who has been gifted by God to proclaim biblical truth with authority and power and has been privileged to preach and speak across the U.S. and internationally. Thoroughly versed in both the English and Spanish speaking world, he is able to deliver the message with insight and relevance in both languages, or bilingual as may be required.

Holding multiple degrees in biblical studies, and philosophical theology, Dr. Gonzalez has taught at Golden Gate Theological Seminary (now Gateway Seminary), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is today the Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies at Baptist University of the Americas. His field of interest and expertise is broad, extending to such areas as biblical and New Testament studies, biblical interpretation, philosophy of religion, sermon preparation and delivery. He has also taught and lectured in the fields of principles of biblical leadership and apologetics.

Dr. Gonzalez has recently written Then Came the Hispangelicals, a primer for the church as she seeks to reach out to the Hispanic masses both here and abroad. He is available for preaching, conferences, and speaking engagements in churches, retreats, camps, universities, seminaries and other possible venues. 

For Dr. Gonzalez, no church is too small and no venue too large.