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My name is Ashley Goins and I have a painful past of sexual abuse as a child, but I praise God He has given me victory over it. My story doesn’t have a beautiful beginning, but the way God has been working in my life I can definitely say it's a beautiful story in the making. My painful past is something that brought me shame and guilt as a saved and unsaved individual, which made me drift and be bitter toward God. As God fought for my heart and broke me to fully mold me into what He wanted. He showed His true calling on my life and that is to use my painful past of sexual abuse and use it to further His kingdom and be an encouragement to others. I am so excited that I am on this Upward Journey from sexual abuse. 

Bio of Ministry: Upward517 Ministries is a ministry to put an end to abuse and sex trafficking. Right now we are traveling to churches in order to raise awareness and see God bring healing through sharing our testimonies. As we progress, we seek to start safe houses in areas of need while also equipping and churches with the necessary tools and training to combat these problems and activating them in their local communities to bring about real change.